It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the Joint Meeting between the European Association of Clinical Anatomists and the International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Sciences with a special warm welcome to the invited Societies from Japan, Mexico and Spain.

Our program committee Directed by Fabrice Duparc and Marko Konschake has worked tirelessly with the members of the Scientific Committee to put together an interesting and exciting scientific program. Many volunteers have helped us to organize an array of Oral and Poster sessions that cover many of the scientific topics currently under intense discussion in our scientific community.

We are also very honored to have with us an outstanding group of keynote speakers (F. Duparc, F. Paulsen, Sh Tubbs, M. Loukas, R. Elizondo, K Akita, V. Macchi, B. Girgnon, R. Moriggl., B. Logan, G. Feigl, D. Kachlick and R. De Caro) and plenary speaker (X. Navarro).

We hope that with such a program you will all enjoy hearing about the latest scientific developments in this field, and find plenty of opportunities to learn new things and interact with other scientists, widening your network and fostering new collaborations.

Finally, I would like to thank mainly to the King Philipe VI for accepting to be President of Honour of the Congress and the Rector of the Complutense University, Dean of the Medical School and the Director of the Clinic Hospital and to all members of the Local Organizing Committtee and volunteers.

We warmly welcome you and sincerely hope that you enjoy this event that we have prepared with great enthusiasm, and will also be able to experience several of the many activities that Madrid has to offer.

Jose Sañudo
President of the Congress