Quentin Fogg

Quentin is an Associate Professor in Clinical Anatomy at The University of Melbourne, Australia. He earned a degree in Anatomy, followed by a PhD in clinical anatomy, from The University of Adelaide. He has 20 years of experience teaching head-to-toe anatomy in Australia, North America and the UK. In addition to teaching science, medical and allied health students, he has particular expertise in specialist anatomy education for active clinicians. He has a long history of designing and delivering innovative short courses in a variety of clinical disciplines, and now runs The University of Melbourne’s highly successful Graduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy. Quentin also leads a research group that explores the detailed anatomy of the limbs (and other areas). He has published close to 50 papers and presented at conferences and workshops all over the world. In 2013 his work in clinical anatomy was recognised by election to Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Quentin has been featured on British television, including the two-part documentary series “Dissected” on BBC4 in 2014, a programme about Leonardo Da Vinci (BBC2, 2013) and another about the Hunter brothers (BBC4, 2014). Quentin is also a strong supporter, and regular collaborator, of research at the art/anatomy interface. He is Chair of the Management Committee for the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology at The University of Melbourne, and the Vice-President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists. He is an Associate Editor for Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, as well as a regular reviewer for a broad variety of anatomical and clinical journals, and sits on a number of editorial boards.