Bruno Grignon

Department of Anatom y, Medicine Faculty of Nancy, Universi ty of Lorraine, France
Department Guilloz Imaging , Central Hospital, University Hospital of Nancy, France

Born in Nancy in 1959
Medical Degree cum Laude in1986
Specialization in Medical Imaging in 1990
Assistant Professor of Anatomy – Senior Registrar in Imaging 1990- 1995
Phys ician Doctor in 2000
Hospital Practitioner in Medical Imaging since 1995 (General Imaging and Musculo- Skeletal Imaging)
Professor of Anatom y since 1995
Associate Editor of the European Journal of Anatomy since 2012
Associate Editor of Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy (SRA) 2001- 2014
Deputy Editor in Chief of Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy (SRA) since 2014
Assistant Secretary General of the Eu ropean Association of Clinical Anato my ( EACA) 2003- 2011
Secretary General of the European Association of Clinical Anatomy (EACA) since 2011