Dr. Raffaele De Caro

Medical degree cum laude on 1980 in Padova. Specialisation cum laude in Pathology and Forensic Medicine. Full professor of Human Anatomy from 2000. Presi dent of the Italian College of Teachers of Anatomy . Visiting scientist at University of Sheffield in 1988, University of Heidelberg (Germany) in 1990. He personally made over 3000 cadaver dissections for research and teaching.

Scientific activity devoted to embryogenesis of cerebral vessels, the nuclei of th e human medulla involved in autonomic regulation of respiratory and cardiovascular functions, anatomy of the retroperitoneal fibroadipose tissue of the human pelvis, ileal neobladder mucosa, anatomy of the hepatic vessels, molecular expression of neuromodulators on the carotid body, c linical anatomy of superficial and deep fascias, clinical anatomy of the skeletal and muscular systems with particular reference to the anatomical basis of surgical techniq ues .

Coordinator of research projects s upported by the Italian U niversity Ministery (MIUR) from 1987 and by private institutions . Author of more of 250 in extenso papers . Associate editor of Surg ical Radiologic Anatomy , Member of the Editorial Board of Clin ical Anatomy, European Journal of Anatomy and Translational Research in Anatomy .

Vice -President of European Association of Clinical Anatomists, Fellow of British Association of Clinical A natomists, Vice -President of the Trans -European Pedagogic Anatomy Research Group , Member of American Association of Clinical A natomists , International Society of Plastination, Member of Anatomical Society, Italian Association of Anatomy and H istology , International Society of History of Medicine .