José-Vicente Lafuente Sánchez

José-Vicente Lafuente received his Degree in Medicine and Ph.D. from University of Zaragoza (Spain). He is Full Professor for Human Anatomy and Embryology at the Department of Neurosciences, University of the Basque Country (Leioa, Spain). He has supervised more than 20 Ph.D. students. He has been visiting researcher or professor at National Center for Toxicological Research (FDA, Jefferson AR, 2018), University of Valparaiso (Chile, 2011) University National of Cuyo, (Mendoza, Argentina, 2009), Institute for Neuropathology of the Free University of Berlin (Germany, 1997) and the Department of Pathology. Midland Centre for Neurosurgery and Neurology. Birmingham (U.K., 1992).
Research interests in neurobiopathology of neuroprotection, neural repair and adaptative postnatal changes in the microvasculature of the central nervous system.
He has been author of 143 original papers and 47 reviewed book chapters. He has leadered or taken part in 45 research projects supported by public or privat institutions.
He is actively involved in cooperative networking in neuroscience research.