Dr. Jose Sañudo

Dr. Jose Sañudo is Medical Doctor and Full Professor in Human Anatomy and Embryology Professor, at the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain).
He has investigated Human Anatomy and Embryology the last 40 years, publishing over 138 indexed publications. He has received 16 Competitive Projects from the Spanish Government, Directed or Co-Directed16 Doctoral Thesis, published 31 Book chapters or full Books and 8 Videos or CDs. He has also organized 4 International Meetings (Joint Meetings with BACA and ASGB&I) and around 65 Continuing Professional Courses (CPC) mainly for surgeons.
In addition, he is also a member of BACA, EACA, ASGB&I and Associated Editor of Clinical Anatomy, Surgical Radiological Anatomy and Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Anatomy.
Nowadays Dr. Sañudo is the President of the International Meeting of Anatomia Clinica (Joint Meting of EACA and ISCAA) that will be held in Madrid, between 24th -26th, of June 2019.