Dr. Diego Pineda Martínez

He earned his medical degree (M.D.) at the school of medicine of the Autonoumous National Univertisy of Mexico (UNAM). He has a master's degree in administration in Health Systems Administration and Specialty in Bioethics. He has Academics stays at the University of Arizona (USA), Santiago de Chile and the University of Antioquia in Colombia with related courses in plastination and conservation of species. Hi is professor in Human Anatomy and Basic clinical integration at the Autonoumous National Univertisy of Mexico (UNAM). He participated as a Author to the books: Manual of incisions in rhinoplasty, Manual of grafts in rhinoplasty, Manual of anatomy Quirugica for obstructive sleep apnea, Collabo rator to the books: teaching of competences in basic sciences, medicine and health areas, as well as Academic declarations of the Mexican Academy of Surgery. he was scientific review of books: Anatomy with Clinical orientation, Moore 8th edition and Human Anatomy Atlas of Anthony B. Olinger, He is member of the College of Professor of Anatomy in the school of medicine (UNAM), Panamerican Association of Anatomy and Panamerican Academy of History and Philosophy of Medicine as well as member of the Nati o nal Academy of Bioethics. He has also organized 2 Nationa l and 1 international Meetings (XII National meeting of Morphology 2017, XXVII National Congress of Anatomy and 1er International Congress of body donation. Currently hi is Secretary of the Mexican Society of Anatomy (2017 to present), Head of the Department of the Amphitheater of the school of medicine of the UNAM (2015 to present) and director of the Body Donation Program of the UNAM. (2016 to present)